Engage your Audience at your Next Offsite Meeting

One of the keys to running a successful meeting is keeping the audience, your employees, engaged. If employees aren’t interacting with a presentation, the presentation will be easily forgotten and have little effect. At Forest Ridge, we have many companies book our business meeting venues for off-site meetings. Here are some of the things we’ve seen the most successful meeting planners do to keep their employees engaged throughout the entirety of their meetings.

Have a Strong Presentationwoman having an offsite meeting

Keeping an audience engaged begins with having a strong presentation, which sometimes isn’t easy when covering dry material. If you’re a gifted speaker, you may be able to use your charisma to keep people involved, but not everyone can rely on their charm. Some other ways to keep employees engaged during a business presentation include:

  • limiting the content of the presentation to only the most essential details
  • explaining how the information being communicated is useful to or impacts employees
  • incorporating photos or videos into the presentation
  • asking questions that employees can win prizes for answering

Provide Refreshments During the Meeting

Employees are often much more relaxed if refreshments are provided during an off-site meeting. Offering refreshments during a meeting creates a less stressful environment, and it let employees passively do something else while they listen or watch a presentation.

At Forest Ridge, we’re proud to have some of Broken Arrow’s top restaurants, Café Savannah’s. Together, they’re able to provide you both with meals and refreshments. To learn more about what foods and beverages we can offer, speak with one of our restaurant managers.

Leave Time for Socializing Afterward

The time after a meeting is just as important as the time during a meeting. When employees have time to socialize afterward, they often discuss the material covered in the meeting amongst themselves. They also have opportunities to ask the presenter questions.

Our golf courses are perfect for giving employees time to socialize. Groups of four can be sent out together, and they’ll have plenty of time to talk. Often, groups pass each other on the course, thus leading to even more interaction between employees.

If you have a lot of material to cover in a meeting, call to book one of our business meeting venues. We’ll get you set up with the perfect room, as well as the refreshments and tee times you need.

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