How to Build a Custom Home

  1. Tour model homes and visit The Information Center in Forest Ridge. When you find something you like, discuss with that builder or our staff. If you have your own plans, we can help you find the right builder.
  2. Locate a homesite within one of our available neighborhoods, or let us help you with your lot selection. Often, builders have purchased homesites within active neighborhoods that may best fit your needs. In that case, we will connect you with that builder.
  3. Inspect the homesite thoroughly with the Forest Ridge staff or builder to ensure that your future home will fit.
  4. After selecting the builder, they will work with you to ensure that your home plans include all the features to fit your lifestyle and budget.
  5. The builder will then give you a firm price on what it will take to build the home to your specifications. At that point, you will execute a “Fixed Price” contract with the builder to construct your home.
  6. Another option is a “Cost-Plus” contract. In this case, your builder provides you an estimate of what it will take to build your home and you pay the exact price of what it costs plus a fee to the builder. In the “Fixed Price” contract, the builder assumes the risks of increases in cost. In a “Cost-Plus”, you assume the risks of increases. However, you also might save money if the costs are lesser than estimated.
  7. Obtain financing – This can be arranged by you, your financial institution or your approved Forest Ridge builder.
  8. The builder will obtain all necessary building permits, arrange for temporary power, order the water meter and get the homesite ready for construction.
  9. Construction begins with the installation of footings, plumbing under the slab and pouring the slab. This period seems to take a long time but is very important to have a good finished product.
  10. Framing of the shell of your home begins. This process goes very quickly and you will be able to see daily progress as your home takes shape.
  11. Choose Color Selections – Your builder will ask you to make all your material and color selections (i.e. brick, tile, flooring, cabinets etc.) in a timely manner and far enough in advance for these items that may need to be ordered.
  12. Builder Updates – Your builder will communicate with you throughout the process of crafting your home. Changes to the original house plans can be made but these changes do cost extra, and may delay the construction process.
  13. Your home will take an average of 6 to 10 months to construct.
  14. Prior to your moving in, you should do a new home orientation with your builder to discuss any items that need to be corrected prior to the closing.
  15. Close on your new construction home.
  16. Move in to your new home.
  17. Enjoy all of the amenities of living in the Master-Planned Community of Forest Ridge!
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